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FI-980287-V0: patent, FI-990312-V0: patent, US-2011271361-A1: Soybean Cultivar 91221152 patent, US-2011293778-A1: Novel yeast strain and methods of use thereof patent, CN-103141115-B: 用于媒体流传送的客户端、内容创建器实体及其方法 patent, US-2012046303-A1: Benzimidazole poly(adp ribose)polymerase inhibitors patent, US-2012261672-A1: Minimizing leakage current and junction capacitance in cmos transistors by utilizing dielectric spacers patent, US-2012973-A: Apparatus for applying insecticidal or fungicidal material patent, US-2013037989-A1: Waterproofing Membrane patent, US-2013040304-A1: Compositions and Methods for Engineering Cells patent, US-2013203745-A1: Bisaryl (thio)morpholine derivatives as s1p modulators patent, US-2013239239-A1: Lmcd1 cancer markers and methods for their use patent, US-2013302399-A1: Anti-pcsk9 antibodies and use thereof patent, US-2013316933-A1: Method for the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of muscular degeneration patent, US-2014171432-A1: Histone demethylase inhibitors patent, US-2014275029-A1: 1,2,6-substituted benzimidazoles as flap modulators patent, US-2015004487-A1: Electrode and secondary battery including the same patent, US-2011277061-A1: Soybean variety xb27l10 patent, US-2012011617-A1: Regulatory Elements Associated with CBF Transcription Factors of Maize patent, US-2012094980-A1: Pyridyl inhibitors of hedgehog signalling patent, US-2012227130-A1: Maize variety x4s790 patent, US-2013195867-A1: Rna-coded antibody patent, US-2014287010-A1: Nanoparticle formulations of active ingredients patent, US-2014291694-A1: Planar nonpolar group-iii nitride films grown on miscut substrates patent, US-2014336186-A1: Heterocyclic Compounds as Pesticides patent, US-2015031624-A1: Anti-mesothelin chimeric antigen receptors patent, US-2015099015-A1: Sorbic and Benzoic Acid and Derivatives Thereof Enhance the Activity of a Neuropharmaceutical patent, US-2010234411-A1: New Combination for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases patent, US-2011313230-A1: Specific binding proteins and uses thereof patent, US-2012151612-A1: Non-surgical approach to prevent and correct craniofacial malformations during development patent, US-2013035425-A1: Fluid activatable adhesives and fluids for activating same for use with liner-free labels patent, US-2013296271-A1: Agri-Horticultural Pest Control Compositions Comprising 4-(3-Butynyl)Aminopyrimidine Derivatives patent, US-2014037581-A1: Methods to diagnose and immunize against the virus causing human merkel cell carcinoma patent, US-2012110921-A1: Gesinterte schleifkornagglomerate sintered abrasive grit agglomerates patent, US-2012245091-A1: Polypeptide or fused protein thereof inhibiting the extravasation of white blood cells or the growth and/or metastasis of cancer cells patent, US-2014005135-A1: Stable formulations for parenteral injection of small molecule drugs patent, US-2015132774-A1: Fluorescent protein voltage sensors for measuring membrane potential and imaging high-frequency neuronal electrical activity patent, US-2012177993-A1: Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery anode material with a uniform metal-semiconductor alloy layer patent, US-2013143301-A1: Beta-glucosidase i variants with improved properties patent, US-2015005193-A1: Qualitative and quantitative point-of-care assays patent, US-2010222275-A1: Therapeutic agent for vitiligo and method of accelerating pigmentation patent, US-2010267780-A1: Bicyclic aryl and heteroaryl receptor modulators patent, US-2010279997-A1: Analgesic that binds filamin a patent, US-2010303718-A1: Stabilized Uncoated Particles of Reversed Liquid Crystalline Phase Materials patent, US-2012088722-A1: Compositions and methods for inhibition of mmp:mmp-substrate interactions patent, US-2012201892-A1: Porous-wall hollow glass microspheres as carriers for biomolecules patent, US-2014288045-A1: Covalent inhibitors of kras g12c patent, US-2015099756-A1: Pyrimidinone compounds for use in the treatment of diseases or conditions mediated by lp-pla2 patent, US-2010155928-A1: Semiconductor package and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2011161285-A1: Method and apparatus for providing automatic controlled value expansion of information patent, US-2011256061-A1: Binding agents to the Integrin Alpha-11 subunit, and uses thereof patent, US-2012053045-A1: Method for preparing pyrochlore-type oxide and method for producing electrocatalyst for fuel cell patent, US-2014223595-A1: Drought tolerant plants and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding dtp6 polypeptides patent, US-2014037956-A1: High voltage high temperature heater cables, connectors, and insulations patent, US-2015141465-A1: Compounds and uses thereof for the modulation of hemoglobin patent, US-2011065685-A1: Novel indoles are cannabinoid receptor ligands patent, US-2013260152-A1: Mechanical exfoliation apparatus patent, US-2014082772-A1: Herbicide-Tolerant Plants patent, US-2011015175-A1: Bicyclic Compounds for the Reduction of Beta-Amyloid Production patent, US-2013345249-A1: Formulations for the prevention and treatment of Wolbachia-related disease patent, US-2014009726-A1: Method of manufacturing nanophosphors, light emitting diode and method of manufacturing light emitting diode patent, US-2013059015-A1: Human Cancer micro-RNA Expression Profiles Predictive of Chemo-Response patent, US-2010130720-A1: Artificial binding proteins based on a modified alpha helical region of ubiquitin patent, US-2011252013-A1: System and method for selecting search results facets patent, US-2011016557-A1: Soybean variety a1016122 patent, US-2010241219-A1: Medicament delivery article, accessory & system patent, US-2011171170-A1: Cytotoxic t cell defined egfr peptide and an optimized derivative peptide patent, US-2011045030-A1: Crosslinkable polyisobutylene-based polymers and medical devices containing the same patent, US-2011136099-A1: Multiplexed Analyses of Test Samples patent, US-2010130785-A1: Process for preparing secondary amides by carbonylation of a corresponding tertiary amine patent, US-2010158757-A1: Chip using method and test chip patent, US-2010226460-A1: Tuner unit including a plurality of tuner circuits patent, US-2010251450-P1: Sutera plant named 'dancop28' patent, US-2010193-A: Bunch builder patent, US-2011015547-A1: Method and a dual-array transducer probe for real time mechanical imaging of prostate patent, US-2011015758-A1: Treating urinary retention patent, US-2011253670-A1: Methods for etching silicon-based antireflective layers patent, US-2011256887-A1: Mid-Call Synchronization for U-TDOA and AOA Location in UMTS patent, US-2011263180-A1: Trim Adjustment for Toy Vehicle Steering patent, US-2011269225-A1: Crustacean expression vector patent, US-2011284180-A1: Casting roll patent, US-2011284441-A1: Vortex flow type water surface control device for draining device patent, US-2011289035-A1: Clinical Decision Model patent, US-2011293358-A1: Non-Rotating Universal Joint for a Helicopter Drive Unit patent, US-2011297514-A1: Equipment of conveyance which can rotate repeat patent, US-2011318229-A1: Droplet discharging apparatus for cell counting patent, US-2011480-A: Goose decoy patent, US-2012002430-A1: Control device for vehicle lamp, vehicle lamp, and method of controlling vehicle lamp patent, US-2012015745-A1: Distribution of benefits in a multiuser game patent, US-2012017458-A1: Surface Treatment Apparatus patent, US-2012033695-A1: Semiconductor laser apparatus and optical apparatus patent, US-2012045075-A1: Energy saving PWM sound device patent, US-2012053988-A1: Characteristics Of Players Systems & Methods For Analyzing Electronically Embodied Games patent, US-2012067998-A1: Toilet paper roll holder capacity extender patent, US-2012069991-A1: Method for authenticating access to a secured chip by test device patent, US-2012075141-A1: Method and System for a Location-Based Broker Service (LBS) Client Broker patent, US-2012080044-A1: Cigarette filter including chemical compositions adapted to decompose cellulose acetate patent, US-2012089511-A1: System and method for selection of payment systems from a payment system directory to process a transaction patent, US-2012104105-A1: Barcoded indicators for quality management patent, US-2012108851-A1: Method for producing norbornene derivative patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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